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Mr Rupesh Patel

About Mr Rupesh Patel

Mr.Rupesh patel is Founder and CEO of Alpha Mind Healing Center. He has been training individuals on personal growth for the past eight years, on topics such as mind power, stress management, yoga, leadership and Motivation. This training is also provided in corporate companies, business groups, government agencies, societal and religious groups.

Personalized and private treatments for mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, phobia and insomnia are provided at Alpha Mind Healing Center. This treatment is done without any medication. Techniques such as mind programming, the NLP technique, theta healing, meditation are used to help patient. Over 300 people have been helped through these techniques.

Positive thinking, enjoyment, energy and self confidence can be achieved by joining the ‘Charge Yourself’ program every month at your centre.

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    Two books have been written in Gujarati on this topic to spread general awareness among people.
    There are several programs on tv that focus on stress management.

    It is Rupesh Patels mission to ensure that every individual lives their life feeling happy, energetic and passionate and encourage the people around them to do the same!

     About Alpha Healing Center

    ‘Alpha mind healing center’ established in year 2011 by RUPESH PATEL. In Alpha mind healing center, we cure people with Depression, anxiety, Phobia, Insomnia . We cure these things through various different techniques, like  counseling, mind programming, alpha meditation and music therapy.

    From last more than 6 year ‘Alpha mind healing center’ has trained lacks of people in every walks of life and every age group entrepreneurs & business man, self employees, employees, students, house wives, marketing persons etc. All who wish ever lasting success, happiness, peace, and personal growth have been benefited.

    We Help You Understand What’s Wrong

    To help you gain some insight into how you are feeling, we have developed a new anxiety and depression test.

    Benefits that you will gain

    Peace of mind

    We offer you peace of mind through our training programs.

    Improves decision power

    With our training program you will feel that your decision power improves day by day

    Right Path

    We will be able to show you correct path once you enroll to our training program.

    Improves Mental Health

    With our training programs, you will see big improvement in your mental health.

    Improves Physical Health

    Our training program consist of yoga, and this improves your Physical health.

    Improves Work Performance

    Without stress and depression your work life and performance will improve.

    No side effects

    We offer cure without any medicines, all done through various therapies and has no side effect.

    Improves Communication

    We offer you peace of mind through our training programs.

    Improves Concentration

    Through yoga your concentration level will improve.

    Remove Your Addiction

    If you are addicted to anything then with our training program, your addiction will vanish.

    Improve Your Memory

    These days memory problem is common, your memory will improve with our program.

    Removes Negative thoughts

    Negative thoughts are the main issue with this generation, We will help you remove all negative thoughts.

    Improves Decision Making

    People are very confused about what to take what to not take and what to do what to not do, we will help you concentrate and help you improve decision making power.

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