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Who We Are?

Let’s Unlock Happiness

Rupesh Patel sir’s Alpha Mind Healing Centre is known for Solution of Psychological issues without Medicine. We helps to overcome Psychological Problems of individuals by Drugless Healthcare. AMH Alpha Mind Healing Center is Providing Residential as well as Distance Online Courses for the people Who suffering from Psychological illness. More than 11000 People Got Benefit from the way we Help to overcome their Problems.

About Rupesh Patel

Rupesh Vitthalbhai Patel born in Small village named Rampura Lat, in Kheda District Gujarat. Since 2011 He Started to help people who are suffering from Psychological issues. He learned Hypnotherapy, CBT and Helped People to Overcome their Problem as well as they came out if vicious cycle of Medicines.

He is A CEO of Alpha Mind healing AMH and a Leader who is creating a Drugless Affordable health care to every individual who want to overcome mental illness.

Why Are We Unique

1. Drugless healthcare
We Believe that We can solve every illness without a medicine, while we are talking specially psychological deceases Medicine Gives Temporary result and permanent habit of it. It slowly creates Vicious Cycle of medicine habit.
You can google side effects of such medicines provide by Psychiatrist. It may be beneficial at some stage but harmful for long term.

2.Attitude To Help

Our Priority is to Help people for Overcome their illness by Providing Affordable Healthcare Services.

3. Permanent Solution

We are giving a solution for how to stay well in Future and Provides way to self help solution for some daily issues.

4. Affordable Services.

If Solution Is not Affordable than it is not a solution. Our Fees And Charges are normal that a middle clasa Person can afford it.

Our Mission

Today A world is In the Middle of Mental Crisis. 1 person from Every 2 person feel Depressed at the some stage of his life. Its necessary to create a Platform to Give Solution to People who is Suffering from Mental Dieses.
Our mission is to Create A One Stop Affordable Solution of Every Mental illness and to Create A Team Experienced People who can give best Recovery Result with love and Compassion towards Patients.

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