About Alpha Mind Healing

Alpha Mind Healing Center was established in year 2011  by Mr Rupesh Patel with an aim to cure people who are suffering from Psychotic issues without Drugs and with Natural way.

At Alpha Mind healing center we provide services that will be very beneficial to every age like, Mind Power Workshop, Stress Management , Depression cure and child Counselling. We provide cure through various different techniques through like Counselling, Mind programming, Alpha Meditation and Music therapy.

This center helps by people curing sub conscious mind, by using these techniques. People are becoming successful , healthy, and they find peace through this. This workshop is organised at all major cities. At our Vadodara center we deal with mental development like Successful Career, Successful studies, Successful personal life.

From the last 6 years Alpha mind healing Center has trained millions of people in every path of life and every age group entrepreneurs and business men, self employees, employees, students, house wives, marketing persons.. etc.All who wish long lasting success, happiness, peace and personal growth have been beneficial.